Sunday, 25 May 2008

What a week

Friday, new cards arrived in the post, and we have been playing with an advert layout for the Harrogate trade show in July. We have 32 new cards in total and all the second Jewellery collection has now arrived. Thursday we dashed down to the church and met with architects who are going to be working with us on our exciting new project.
Christian and I spent Wednesday Night at the Feist Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. What a night not only was it in the most amazing building but the show was an artistic feast. Indie Canadian babe folk rocker Leslie Feist can sing, play guitar as well as entertain the entire Hall with her whimsical charm, holding the crowd with her beautiful songs and with an artistic backdrop of shadow art. The shadow art was performed by the talented clea lenark and portrayed the mood of each tune perfectly. Silhouette shadow art, couldn't have been more perfect. See more photos and tour details on her website
This is Tinks(Tinkerbell) one of my cats, she was due for a bath and for a change I thought she would like being pink for the summer. Since the day my two cats arrived in my house they have been bathed once a month and blow dried, Meme my Tonkanese purs from start to finish. They haven't stopped showing off!All the cats in the neighborhood are so jealous.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Happy Birthday Mum

Hi to Karens Blogger audience, sorry for this but on this special occasion of my Mum's Birthday I had to hijack it. Only for one day though, I promise that tomorrow Karen will be back with her wonderful arty view on the world we live in. "Cheers Christian"

To my Mum, have a wonderful birthday,
celebrating another year, laughing, living, loving. When you started on this adventure did you for a minute it would be like this. Watching us grow all grow so wonderfully as a familyIroning, polishing being our chauffeurSchool balls and growing boysloving my new family as your own
I so love you Mum for the example you set, the spirit you give me and the love you show all of those around you. Its cool being your son. I only hope that when I get to be a grandparent I can be to mine what you are to yours. No cliches there is no need, thank you Mum, Happy Birthday (both of them)
All my Love, Christian

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Thinking of you

This image reminds me of my Grandmother, she always loved pretty things and girlie images. My world has been so influenced by her touch and the cards that seem to be appearing from paint brush at the moment are a reflection of my childhood. Today I received an email for Nicola our agent for Bucks, Beds, Herts etc telling me that she has entered a half marathon in St Albans on Sunday 8th June for a charity close to her heart. Nicola is raising money for the Radiotherapy Department Fund at St Bartholomew's Hospital, this special charity provides help to those cancer patients who have difficulty funding specific items that are not covered by the NHS. I lost my Grandmother some 15 years ago now and miss her everyday, I want to send best wishes to Nicola on her amazing challenge and hope she does not get to many blisters. If anyone would like to sponsor Nicola or make a donation simple contact the office an we would only be to glad to help.

Butterfly Pattern

I have been experimenting with the computer and changing colours on a pattern of flowers and butterflies. Oh to be a butterfly floating around and surrounding myself with wonderful flowers.Now what shall I do with this pattern? Any suggestions! Keep it clean Sunny.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mother Nature

I have a house full of family from Australia at the moment, Christian's brother, wife and two children. So I bearly have time to think, but the sun did manage to shine and I had the camera to hand.
I do love this time of year all the plants are growing like mad and starting to show of their stunning flowers.

Many years ago I painted on a keybox.
Flowers are a gardens children
Plant them, feed them and watch them grow
Tend to them with love and care
and they will bring colour into your home.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Deery Me

Meet Megan and our new range 'Deery Me', Megan has been drawing away for a couple of months now and created these wonderful characters for a new occasions range. There are 18 in total all with a polka dot bow and gorgeous printed envelopes. I think you will agree they are delightful and so colourful they will stand out in the racks, give the office a call if you would like to see more.
Hello, My name is Megan & I’m an illustrator/designer currently residing in South Wales. I work from home with my Husband & I love the freedom of being able to create for a living! Drawing has always been my “thing”. As a child, I would gladly choose pencil crayons and paper over toys to entertain myself with, and I still love to draw just as much as I did then. I find my inspiration in life’s little pleasures- the things that make me smile, simple phrases, thoughts and actions. I love to capture subtle movements and expressions, which can make all the difference to what I am trying to convey through my work. I was delighted when Cavania asked me to work with them, and I hope that everyone enjoys my designs as much as I do!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Switzerland, Chateau's and Skiing

I spent last weekend in wonderful Switzerland, we flew in Geneva and caught a train to Zermatt and along the way stopped at the amazing Chateau Chillon. I first visited the chateau some 8 years ago and thought what an unbelievable place and must come back with Faye one day, and so we did. It was like standing in the home of an Asterix & Obelix cartoon with fireplaces that were as big as my house! and the view across Lake Geneva was superb.www.chillon.chWe met Christians brother and family who are spending 2 months touring Europe and all jumped on a train to start our adventure up the Matterhorn. The chaps snowboarded and Faye tried Skiing for the first time and turned into a down hill demon after just one loop. I spent one day exploring and walked for hours up and down the hills of the mountain, the houses were straight out of a Hansel and Gretel story book. We rented the most fantastic chalet that was owned by a charming family, it had four big bedrooms all with en suits, 2 pianos, drying room, table tennis, garden with a tramper-lean and a spa, ahhhhh a spa. My legs so needed the spa after my mountain goat impression. If any one is wanting a summer skiing holiday with all the frills and extras this chalet is a must. For photos check out their website,
Side streets filled with old wooden buildings.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Faye is a Teenager

Faye my daughter is 13 today, 'Happy Birthday Darling'. She has been my inspiration and driving force since the day she arrived in my world. She is an entertaining edition to the office and has a wonderful sense of humor and is more ambitious then me, and already talks about running Cavania! She constantly asks when can she come and work on the trade show stands, so she might be coming to Harrogate with us in July. My first ever range of cards was based on her and it was called 'Fussy Pots' it was about a little girl and her cat, and now we have a grown up and very pink range called 'Faye'.If anyone was to ask me what I want to be when I grow up (because I still haven't yet), I would reply " I want to be like my daughter, she is amazing and every thing I would want to be"Faye and Christian get on like a house on fire, both are a fun, life loving pair of nutters. You would never know that Faye was not Christians biological daughter the two are so alike its scary. We were at Ikea and the two of them went rushing on ahead to get the car with a trolly load of bits I was left to carry some smaller items and when I walked out of the doors I was faced with the pair trolly surfing. Christian being a true Australian is teaching Faye to surf, you don't need water apparently, anything will do!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Summer Beauty

What a wonderful Bank holiday weekend, I do hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable time. At last summer has shown her face and we can all start and get our summer frocks out of the wardrobe. The fashion this year filling the boutique racks is a very feminine and frilly one with gorgeous choices of beautiful floral prints, its great being a girl.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Hong Kong

Christian and I have just returned from Hong Kong after spending four nights there, we went for work. To see new suppliers and collect some samples of a new product range I have been working on, soon to be revealed. It was my third visit and the city and it's people are inviting, amazing and colourful. It has a busy calmness at all times, the full streets glide along without any shoulder bumping or the feeling of frenzy.
Christian on the ferry and back to the hotel after a long days work.
The amazing staircase in the lobby of our hotel, Harbour Plaza in Kowloon which is opposite Hong Kong island. It is a fabulous hotel with a pool on the roof and you can sit in one of the many restaurants and watch the ships sail by. Being on the Kowloon side was great as we could see the millions of lights of the city and laser show. And a short ferry ride each day over to the island, what a great way to get to work.
Shrink wrapped shoes every where, walking through the 'Sports Streets' there are shops as far as you can see with trainers and sports shoes. All vacuumed wrapped to stop the dirt and smells from the street venders.

A photo of a section of the 'Ladies Market' it feels like an endless avenue of vendors. You walk through a very narrow gang way with the stalls either side stacked high with goodies.
My last photo before dashing to the airport, if you are not careful you can get so carried away with time and dazzled by the lights. Time to run or we might be cutting it fine to check in!

Friday, 2 May 2008

St Peter's Church, Brixham Devon

Yippie, the little church I told you about last month that Christian and I fell in love with is final ours, all the paper work is done and dusted. I still can't believe we found it, let alone 5 weeks later own it! Here are a few more photos of our next design project, think it's going to need a little more then a paint brush and some watercolour. Anyone fancy giving a hand, we will supply beer and barbecue.This is Trevor the lovely gentleman who allowed us to purchase his church, as you can see we are discussing how to clean the top of the windows! The door way to my left will be the front entrance and we will have to build a floor level at the same height we are standing.
The back wall in this photo is directly under the windows in the above photo, where Trevor and I are standing discussing cleaning the windows! As you can see by the metal scaffolding there is floating temporary floor that we both were standing on. This photo is enfact the ground level of the church and the steps are where the alter once was.This is a side section of the church which we are calling the 'snug' this is going to be an art studio so I can throw paint about whilst Christian and Faye are surfing, windsurfing or generally getting wet. The last photo above is of the snug but from ground level, confused yet?If you put a window in the center of the back wall of the snug, this would be the view of Brixham Harbour. I can hear the seagulls already, I think it's going to be a dusty and dirty summer for us this year!

Christopher Cavania Sanders RA - Part 3

Family life at this time featured camping holidays in Cornwall, using an old bell tent. Sadly his wife Barbara was taken ill with bronchial asthma whilst on such a holiday in Mullion in 1954, and this illness dominated her life until her death in 1967.
Never the less there were high spots. Sandy recognised as a serious painter, having exhibited at the Royal Academy since the early 30's, and was made Associate in 1953, eventually becoming a Royal Academician in 1961. He also won a Gold Medal at the Paris Salon in the mid 50's. The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy was an important highlight of his year when all his family gathered.This is a painting by Bernard Dunstan of an RA Dinner, Sandy is on the left and to the right Mr Fiton is smoking a cigar.I purchased this in Feb 2005 at a Sotherby's auction. A press clipping from The Express,

Sandy also became a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters(his portrait of David Maxwell Fyfe, first Earl of Kilmuir, sits in Balliol College) As an Associate Academician, he was commissioned to paint Dr W N Pickles, first President to the college of General Practitioners.David Patrick Maxwell Fyfe, 1 st Earl of Kilmuir (1900-1967)By Christopher Canvania Sanders RA. Oil on canvas, 40x32, c1956[Francis] Raymond Evershed, 1 st Baron Evershed of Stapenhill (1899-1966), curtsey of portrait of Sandy aged about 30 circa 1935/