Sunday, 4 May 2008

Hong Kong

Christian and I have just returned from Hong Kong after spending four nights there, we went for work. To see new suppliers and collect some samples of a new product range I have been working on, soon to be revealed. It was my third visit and the city and it's people are inviting, amazing and colourful. It has a busy calmness at all times, the full streets glide along without any shoulder bumping or the feeling of frenzy.
Christian on the ferry and back to the hotel after a long days work.
The amazing staircase in the lobby of our hotel, Harbour Plaza in Kowloon which is opposite Hong Kong island. It is a fabulous hotel with a pool on the roof and you can sit in one of the many restaurants and watch the ships sail by. Being on the Kowloon side was great as we could see the millions of lights of the city and laser show. And a short ferry ride each day over to the island, what a great way to get to work.
Shrink wrapped shoes every where, walking through the 'Sports Streets' there are shops as far as you can see with trainers and sports shoes. All vacuumed wrapped to stop the dirt and smells from the street venders.

A photo of a section of the 'Ladies Market' it feels like an endless avenue of vendors. You walk through a very narrow gang way with the stalls either side stacked high with goodies.
My last photo before dashing to the airport, if you are not careful you can get so carried away with time and dazzled by the lights. Time to run or we might be cutting it fine to check in!

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