Tuesday, 27 November 2007

It's T time

I wanted to send some presents out to Australia to my family and 'what' was the question. So after a little brain storming the idea of T-Shirts sprung to mind.

Happy Days Boat with Robbie the dog as look out.

Ripping a wave at Gnaraloo.
It has been something that I have wanted to do for Cavania and this was just a little experiment, well I was pleased with the results and the recipients were delighted.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Relax your worth it

I recently exhibited at the Spirit of Christmas in the fabulous Olympia building in London and it was great to meet many of you and thank you for all your support. I had for sale a selection of original works and I was surprised and delighted when virtuality all sold. It was the first time I had displayed any original work as I have always kept them protectively hidden in a corner of my studio never to see the light of day after they had gone to print. With many of you requesting more, more, and more I have gone through some more of my works and will be displaying them for sale. So if you see one you would like to give a home to simply email.

Here is a picture of a girl relaxing reading a book, it was painted with brush and ink and comes complete with a cream painted wooden frame. Painted in 2007 and the image will be appearing in a greeting card range spring 2008. Frame measurements 53x42cm. £85.00.

Above is a picture of a girl kneeling, it was painted with brush and ink and comes in a cream painted wooden frame. Painted in 2007 and the image will be appearing in a greeting card range spring 2008, frame measurements 53x42cm. £85.00.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Messgae from Pretoria

I had a surprise email in my inbox this evening all the way from South Africa which I have copied in below. Having looked up Pretoria on the internet I was delighted to see many beautiful pictures but this image of blue Jacaranda tree's lining the streets was one I just had to share. If you have come across our cards in near or far places in the world, please do drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

Hi Karen! I must congratulate you on all the beautiful cards that you come up with! My name is Dawn von Wielligh, I am 38 years old and stay in South Africa, Pretoria, which is close to Johannesburg (in case you were not sure!) I walked into a shop called Willowbrook a few months ago and saw your beautiful cards, I found it so classic and beautiful I bought the whole bunch! Now I feel too sorry to use them, unless for a very special friend or family member! I contacted your agent in South Africa because this shop does not have any more stock?! I hope to find more of your products or stockists in Pretoria soon, well done on this wonderful venture! Good that someone do believe dreams can come true!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Carolyn's Wedding

My sister-in-law Wendy emailed me from Australia and asked if I would paint an album for her sisters wedding, me paint a wedding could I refuse. What girl doesn't love to play with pretty pictures of wedding dresses?
So I spent the day in my studio and this was the result a gorgeous red satin gown for an enchanting December wedding. I cant wait to see the photos from the day, hopefully Wendy will email me one and I can post it to show you all.