Sunday, 25 May 2008

What a week

Friday, new cards arrived in the post, and we have been playing with an advert layout for the Harrogate trade show in July. We have 32 new cards in total and all the second Jewellery collection has now arrived. Thursday we dashed down to the church and met with architects who are going to be working with us on our exciting new project.
Christian and I spent Wednesday Night at the Feist Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. What a night not only was it in the most amazing building but the show was an artistic feast. Indie Canadian babe folk rocker Leslie Feist can sing, play guitar as well as entertain the entire Hall with her whimsical charm, holding the crowd with her beautiful songs and with an artistic backdrop of shadow art. The shadow art was performed by the talented clea lenark and portrayed the mood of each tune perfectly. Silhouette shadow art, couldn't have been more perfect. See more photos and tour details on her website
This is Tinks(Tinkerbell) one of my cats, she was due for a bath and for a change I thought she would like being pink for the summer. Since the day my two cats arrived in my house they have been bathed once a month and blow dried, Meme my Tonkanese purs from start to finish. They haven't stopped showing off!All the cats in the neighborhood are so jealous.

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