Thursday, 30 September 2010

White Interiors

Dreaming today of white interiors.......

1/2 in my 'Dream House' folder and I can't remember where they were from.
3/4 recipe book author camilla jensen
5 photo Jan Baldwin for Waterside Living by Leslie Geddes-Brown.
6 photo Cote Sud

Monday, 27 September 2010

giddy up horsey

Our lovely hand carve horses have been racing out of the starters blocks and jumping onto shop shelves, everyone loves them and so do I. The wood is from a sustainable source and each one is individual and made with care and attention. The horses are made from farmed Paulina wood and we are working with a village that specializes in the growing and carving of the wood. Tradition has it that on the birth of a daughter a tree is planted and when she is married a gift is carved form the wood of the tree.

Friday, 24 September 2010

pretty laser card

I have been designing and playing with some new cards for our Classic laser greeting car range I thought you might like to take a look.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

pretty cakes

These gorgeous cakes are by New-Yorked based Cake Hero.
Think I might buy a block of royal icing at the weekend and have a go at making some icing flowers myself.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Vintage Aprons

I found three charming embroidered aprons they all look as though they were school projects for a yesteryear I found at a garage sale. Below are photos of two of the aprons, pansies and a lady fishing, not sure what era they would have been from, any ideas anyone?
The third one is much smaller so will have to convince Faye to model it for me.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Avon Calling

'Bing Bong' Avon Calling...... these gorgeous soaps and perfume are from Avon and dated 1976, almost as old as me... give or take six years. I love the packaging and colours so they are on my dresser in the studio and the perfume smells still so sweet. My Nan used to get little bits like these when I was a child and my clothes drawers would always have a bar of scented soap in them for fragrance. Just smelling these soaps takes me back to being in her house, simply priceless.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Have a lovely weekend

Well I am driving to Perth today to pick Christian up at the airport, and I must say I am a little (Ok... a lot) apprehensive about the drive. Four hours through not very much, a couple of road houses and a few small towns with the population of 50 to 286 which is rather precise, but then I guess there aren't to many people to count!.
I've not done it before on my own and I have a map, but then I can't really get lost as there is only the one road.
Can't wait to see him again, I have missed him so.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope yours is filled with love too.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Top Drawer Autumn 2010

Some photos from The Top Drawer Stand at Olympia London. All I can say is "wow" you guys did a fabulous job, I am so proud or should I be upset that you don't need me anymore!!! Which ever, all I know is it looked amazing and I wish I had been there to see it.
I have been busy working on more new scarf designs and patterns for wrapping paper, stationery and textiles so lots of new things to see for SS/11.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

From the beach house

Quick I have internet access ......... it's been down for 5 days again, driving me a little mad!!!!! So more photos from the beach house and of my vintage finds.

Meet dobbing my rocking horse he is a one off a kind and was made 19 years ago by a gentlemen named Bill from Shark Bay, but his nickname was Bull because he was such a big fello. Bull made this for his grandson and he was a skilled pattern maker. Hopefully he is going to bring us a little luck and be sitting in a nursery one day! Even if he doesn't make it to a nursery I just love him and he can sit right here for all to see.

Driftwood scattered around.

When I saw this scrumptious glass cake stand and dome cover, oh la la, it just had to be.
Hopefully the internet stays on long enough and I can make a post for tomorrow and show the last trade show stand that Christian packed up last night, at Top Drawer, Olympia, London. He gets back here on Friday night the poor love did 18 days straight, 2 shows back to back and 38.5 hr transit both ways between Geraldton,WA and London Heathrow. I think he will need a fews days off.

Free tickets for the Xmas Fairs

Well I must say you are an organised bunch as I have had four requests for tickets for the two retail shows in November. "Yes" :) Cavania will be attending The Spirit of Christmas and The Country Living Fair both in London, so if you would like a free pair of tickets to one of these shows just pop a self addressed envelope into the post and put in a note as to which show you would like the tickets for.

Please note that these tickets are for Cavania followers only so if you have not joined please do so on the right hand column.

attn: Paul
Unit 1 Park Place

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Veggie Basket

Scrumptious veggies home grown... not by me... not yet anyway, but by Wendy in her veggie garden. Not pestersides or chemicals all completely organic and so full of flavor.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Latest Stand

Cavania has just finished exhibiting at the Autumn Fair, NEC Birmingham for four we are setting up at Top Drawer, Olympia London.......Oh the gang are so tied. But the stand looks fabulous guys, well done.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Chapman Valley fair

I visited the Chapman Valley Fair at the weekend and have a bundle of pictures to show you over the next week. I thought that the home grown flowers and arrangements would be a wonderful place to start.

Many of the flowers are new to me as they are native and I am slowly learning the names.