Thursday, 15 May 2008

Switzerland, Chateau's and Skiing

I spent last weekend in wonderful Switzerland, we flew in Geneva and caught a train to Zermatt and along the way stopped at the amazing Chateau Chillon. I first visited the chateau some 8 years ago and thought what an unbelievable place and must come back with Faye one day, and so we did. It was like standing in the home of an Asterix & Obelix cartoon with fireplaces that were as big as my house! and the view across Lake Geneva was superb.www.chillon.chWe met Christians brother and family who are spending 2 months touring Europe and all jumped on a train to start our adventure up the Matterhorn. The chaps snowboarded and Faye tried Skiing for the first time and turned into a down hill demon after just one loop. I spent one day exploring and walked for hours up and down the hills of the mountain, the houses were straight out of a Hansel and Gretel story book. We rented the most fantastic chalet that was owned by a charming family, it had four big bedrooms all with en suits, 2 pianos, drying room, table tennis, garden with a tramper-lean and a spa, ahhhhh a spa. My legs so needed the spa after my mountain goat impression. If any one is wanting a summer skiing holiday with all the frills and extras this chalet is a must. For photos check out their website,
Side streets filled with old wooden buildings.

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