Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Faye is a Teenager

Faye my daughter is 13 today, 'Happy Birthday Darling'. She has been my inspiration and driving force since the day she arrived in my world. She is an entertaining edition to the office and has a wonderful sense of humor and is more ambitious then me, and already talks about running Cavania! She constantly asks when can she come and work on the trade show stands, so she might be coming to Harrogate with us in July. My first ever range of cards was based on her and it was called 'Fussy Pots' it was about a little girl and her cat, and now we have a grown up and very pink range called 'Faye'.If anyone was to ask me what I want to be when I grow up (because I still haven't yet), I would reply " I want to be like my daughter, she is amazing and every thing I would want to be"Faye and Christian get on like a house on fire, both are a fun, life loving pair of nutters. You would never know that Faye was not Christians biological daughter the two are so alike its scary. We were at Ikea and the two of them went rushing on ahead to get the car with a trolly load of bits I was left to carry some smaller items and when I walked out of the doors I was faced with the pair trolly surfing. Christian being a true Australian is teaching Faye to surf, you don't need water apparently, anything will do!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks For The Lovely Post Mummy :D

Love You More Than Anything On This Planet xxx

iLoveYou'_ox ! xxx