Friday, 23 May 2008

Happy Birthday Mum

Hi to Karens Blogger audience, sorry for this but on this special occasion of my Mum's Birthday I had to hijack it. Only for one day though, I promise that tomorrow Karen will be back with her wonderful arty view on the world we live in. "Cheers Christian"

To my Mum, have a wonderful birthday,
celebrating another year, laughing, living, loving. When you started on this adventure did you for a minute it would be like this. Watching us grow all grow so wonderfully as a familyIroning, polishing being our chauffeurSchool balls and growing boysloving my new family as your own
I so love you Mum for the example you set, the spirit you give me and the love you show all of those around you. Its cool being your son. I only hope that when I get to be a grandparent I can be to mine what you are to yours. No cliches there is no need, thank you Mum, Happy Birthday (both of them)
All my Love, Christian

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