Friday, 2 May 2008

St Peter's Church, Brixham Devon

Yippie, the little church I told you about last month that Christian and I fell in love with is final ours, all the paper work is done and dusted. I still can't believe we found it, let alone 5 weeks later own it! Here are a few more photos of our next design project, think it's going to need a little more then a paint brush and some watercolour. Anyone fancy giving a hand, we will supply beer and barbecue.This is Trevor the lovely gentleman who allowed us to purchase his church, as you can see we are discussing how to clean the top of the windows! The door way to my left will be the front entrance and we will have to build a floor level at the same height we are standing.
The back wall in this photo is directly under the windows in the above photo, where Trevor and I are standing discussing cleaning the windows! As you can see by the metal scaffolding there is floating temporary floor that we both were standing on. This photo is enfact the ground level of the church and the steps are where the alter once was.This is a side section of the church which we are calling the 'snug' this is going to be an art studio so I can throw paint about whilst Christian and Faye are surfing, windsurfing or generally getting wet. The last photo above is of the snug but from ground level, confused yet?If you put a window in the center of the back wall of the snug, this would be the view of Brixham Harbour. I can hear the seagulls already, I think it's going to be a dusty and dirty summer for us this year!

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Max said...

I can remember going to church here in the 1950/60s and was my first experience of "incense".
Also my first school, "St Peters Infant School".was next door.