Monday, 28 March 2011

Is it getting hot in here yet

This lovely old fan was covered in dirt and dust and unwanted on the floor at a garage sale but as soon as I spotted it both Faye and I said "well have it". So $10 later and some careful cleaning this retro pale blue fan is now sitting in my kitchen just waiting for another hot day.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vintage Enamel Sugar Pot

A perfect find to keep all my scraps of ribbon in, a vintage enameled sugar pot. I love the chips and dents from its years of use, now it will sit on my studio dresser and be admired by me daily.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

And We're Off

The house was packed into a 40ft sea container yesterday and we slept on blow up beds last night, back is a little stiff today but unsure if it was from lifting boxes! Today is strange the house is echoey and big oh so big with no furniture in it, I wonder if I put everything back in it would I have more room now????? We have spent the last fortnight sorting and condensing so much went to the charity shops and out for recycling, I am sure I would have a whole empty room's worth gone. I highly recommend a good clear out ... say every 5 years, just pretend your moving and tidy up!

Now to fill all the picture holes on the walls and do some touch up paint and of course a good scrub all over, no one can say I don't leave a house spotless. The teapot, cups and a vintage glass cake stand are still in the cupboards as these will be the last things to wrap and pop in a box to go into storage. Tea and cake at my house today for all so do pop by and say hello before we get on a plane tonight and head for Australia.

Lots of tears, heart ache and apprehension whizzing around my little 'brainical'... must put the laptop down and get up out of this blowup bed and face my day.

Bye England for now and thank you house for being a wonderful home and all the memories you have given me.
A very very teary Karen xxxxx

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Country Greens

The sun has popped out from behind the clouds and for the last few days we have been enjoying glorious spring days here in the UK, although still cold in the shade. I have spent all of today in the garden cleaning out the little summer house Christian built me a couple of summers ago. Boxing up all my little bits and bobs was rather upsetting as we spent so long making it and Faye and I even wallpapered the inside, so many wonderful laughs and giggles. The sea container is booked for next Tuesday and Wednesday so the butterflies are really starting to flap their wings. But trying to feel inspired and thinking of new ideas for our next adventure....... here are some country green spring treats to ponder over.

I love the romantic country feeling to this outfit and the wall of glass storage jars.

1. James Merrelle
5. Photo credit William Steele
6. My little summerhouse from one of last years photo shoots at the bottom of the garden.