Friday, 16 May 2008

Deery Me

Meet Megan and our new range 'Deery Me', Megan has been drawing away for a couple of months now and created these wonderful characters for a new occasions range. There are 18 in total all with a polka dot bow and gorgeous printed envelopes. I think you will agree they are delightful and so colourful they will stand out in the racks, give the office a call if you would like to see more.
Hello, My name is Megan & I’m an illustrator/designer currently residing in South Wales. I work from home with my Husband & I love the freedom of being able to create for a living! Drawing has always been my “thing”. As a child, I would gladly choose pencil crayons and paper over toys to entertain myself with, and I still love to draw just as much as I did then. I find my inspiration in life’s little pleasures- the things that make me smile, simple phrases, thoughts and actions. I love to capture subtle movements and expressions, which can make all the difference to what I am trying to convey through my work. I was delighted when Cavania asked me to work with them, and I hope that everyone enjoys my designs as much as I do!


julie said...

Megan is not only a very talented artist .. she is a wonderful girl with passion for what she creates .. after a few ups and downs in getting her work out there and recognised, it's wonderful to see all that hard work and dedication starting to pay off !

ShoLeigh said...

I remember seeing Megan's "doodles" in school and always being amazed. It was obvious she had a real talent and a unique style. Together with Megan's love of art, there was never any doubt she would go far with it. A lovely person and an amazing artist and deserves to be appreciated for it =)