Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Valentines Day 2009

This is just one of our new spring seasons ranges called 'Smitten' a collection of six valentines day cards. All on a different scrumptious board and finished with glass hearts and gems. Each card has a clever use of text and floral sketches in two gorgeous complementing foil colours. We have many new cards to show you over the next few days, some saucy Valentines and beautiful Mother's Day.

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Anonymous said...

these cards are beautiful. such attention to detail, every shade of periwinkle and butterfly wing is perfectly selected. after ordering Cavania cards i was so inspired by the patterns i went on ebay to find vintage wall paper similar to the Canavia colors and whimsical spirit. I scanned the wall paper and had 5 large canvases printed by and hung them on the primary wall in my den. It was so much simplier than actually putting up wall paper and more modern.