Sunday, 20 July 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Cavania

I can't believe that Cavania was five on Friday 11th July, it seems so long ago and only yesterday all at the same time! I can remember so clearly watching the first sheet come off the press the nerves, hundreds of butterflies in the tummy and the feeling of excitement. Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement, the next five years are certainly going to be even more challenging.This is a card from our first collection 'Card Art', oh how we have changed.
Christian and I at the Harrogate trade show, this was the morning after the exhibitors party, umm we are not hung over, really. Christian and I had a couple of friends over on Saturday night for dinner and we thought we would try out our Hot Rock. Its a great thing and your guests have to cook their own meal so no slaving away in the kitchen for hours beforehand. Simply prepare vegetables and marinate meats and seafood leave in containers and pour yourself a nice glass of wine or champagne with strawberries. Check out the Hot Rock website at Christian, Jem & Cecilia tucking into prawns and scollops. It's all Jems fault that Christian and I met nine years ago, they worked together in 1992 in Kunnunarra, Western Australia. When Christian landed in the UK he decided to drop by his old friend and I was at a party in Jems garden.

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sooziebee said...

HI there
I have just stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say what an inspiration it is to read about someone who has built up a successful business from scratch. The range of cards is amazing, congrat on 5th b'day all your successes
from a wannabe, in the first stages of her own business x