Saturday, 29 November 2008

A beautiful day

We spent yesterday at out friends wedding and what a beautiful day it was. Cecilia looked like a scandinavian goddess, she is from Sweden and so tall and blonde as you can see from the photo. We all spent the day laughing and danced till the early hours a great time was had by all. Congratulations Gem & Cecilia we wish you a beautiful life together.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Chanel No 5

It's nearly Christmas and the TV is full of adverts but my favorite is the Chanel No. 5

The divine pink romantic gown that Nicole Kidman is wearing in the big budget Chanel No. 5 campaign is an amazing creation by Karl Lagerfield, The advert for the scent is fantastic with a moulin rouge influence, I would want to dance all night in that dress too.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Our new office

We managed to take an hour out this week and fiddle with my new office. Christian and Gemma moved everything last week but I had not really had any time to play. We have been so busy meeting deadlines and poor Christian had an operation last Friday and so has not been up to speed this week.

This is Gemma cutting out some baby booties I painted on Tuesday, she is going to be turning them into wrapping paper.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My most favorite creature

I saw my first sea dragon on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia back in 2002. It was in an aquarium and I had never heard of a sea dragon before. They were so beautiful I was mesmerized to the point of total amazement, what a wondrous planet we live on. Here are just a few photos of these tiny creatures. I would love to win the lottery one day and drop out of society to spend the rest of my life being a bare foot hippie protecting these magical creatures.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Hi all

This is a quick update as it seems that I have not had 5 minutes to myself in the last three weeks. I arrived back in chilly Britain on Sunday evening after being in China for 17 days on what can only be described as an endurance test. There were meetings, up to three in a day and 5 trade shows to visit. I have some really exciting news but its all a secret at the moment but I can share the name of this Top Secret project...Creatisan. I will drip feed you more information shortly.
I am now wondering how long a body can keep running on just a few hours sleep before total melt down?

Monday 3rd after 5 hours of sleep I was up and in a van to set up the Spirit of Christmas stand and then back there again on Tuesday. Finally at 7pm Tuesday night the stand was finished and all the labels in place. The show opened Yesterday and was very busy as well as today. It has been great to catch up with so many of you and your praise and encouragement has been overwhelming. I will be heading back up to Olympia on the early train tomorrow and I will try to remember my camera.

You may remember that in August I moved my studio from home to the office to join Christian and the team. Well tomorrow whilst I am manning the stand my studio is being moved again this time to the room next door to Christian. Up until now we have been on different levels and to visit we had to go out and around which was great in the summer, but in the winter! So when the bigger office became available Gemma and I jumped at it. Good luck guys with the move and dont have to much fun without me tomorrow. We do all have such a laugh working at Cavania is a real pleasure being with people you regard as friends as well as colleges.
Whilst we were in China Christian and I skyped the office every night before we turned in about 11pm our time. It seemed it was a competition as to who could be the more stupid each night between Christian and James, Christian definitely won one night as he was wearing one of my bras!!! James took a screen grab and I think he mentioned pay rise, not sure what he meant.