Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Chocolate Show - Paris

The 11th year of the Chocolate Show is on in Paris and here are a few images of the edible fashion show that launches the show. It is a creative and interesting use of chocolate, but there is only one way I like my chocolate, as chocolate bar. A plate of chocolate chunks and a cold glass of milk, yum yum. But that aside the creations are amazing and the patience required is more than I think I could ever have. The organisers haven't brought it to England yet but lets hope.

The show it's self is full of stalls selling every shape, colour and flavour that you could ever imagine from the chocolate houses around the world. I am definitely buying tickets and going next year.

Tokyo : January 23-28, 2008
Kyoto : January 30 - February 14, 2008
Nagoya : January 31 - February 14, 2008
Kokura : January 31 - February 14, 2008
Paris, FRANCE: October 29-November 2, 2008
New York, USA November 7-9, 2008
Moscow, RUSSIA: November 28-30, 2008
Shanghai, CHINA: 2009

Friday, 24 October 2008

London Leaves

Autumn is here and whilst the sun has been shinning this last weekend I had a quick stroll around the mews of Knightsbridge and did a spot of window shopping. The colour of the leaves in the parks are amazing.

Hong Kong

We are in China meeting with manufacturers and visiting trade shows, three in three days. We have found some amazing artisans and are now in talks designing some fabulous gifts for Cavania. These craftsman have been working in their fields for many years and come from regions that are famous for their specialties. The one thing that I am passionate about is that Cavania will only work with companies that are compliant to human and green issues. I will keep you up dated with the progress of these exciting new lines.Christian tucking into a giant pot noodle. Fortunately for us when it was lunch time the make shift McDonalds which was a table and bags of food that were simply heated up in a microwave had all run out, so we had pot noodles instead.
Very sore feet.
A trade show in Shanghai which is two and a half hour flight north of Hong Kong and this was like no other trade show I have ever visited. I was completely taken back with the volume of people from all over the world. This picture was taken from inside the entrance hall and outside was a sea of faces, the giant show was buzzing in every hall.
A shot of one side of the halls lined up and stretching a distance, the exhibition center was laid out in a V shape with two lines of huge halls.
We arrived back in HK very late last night after spending two days in Shanghai but whilst we were there we did visit a restaurant in a revolving tower on the 46th floor of the Jing Jang Sofitel Hotel. It took 3hrs to do a complete rotation, the air was not clear this time of year and the pollution levels are a little high, so visibility was not great. Hong Kong itself is so clear and warm, it's great to see the sun again.

We have two more shows to visit next week taking the grand total to five shows and I don't know how many miles of walking, before our journey home. But there is one great bit of traveling I do really like here in HK;this is the Star Ferry that takes us over to Hong Kong island from our hotel on the Kowloon side. Even the metal seats are punched with star shapes and the staff all wear sailor suits, beats the cars and traffic of London any day.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I Love Laduree

Laduree store Berlin

Lilac, coffee, blue, pink,pistachio green, lemon, raspberry, chocolate, and all the colours in-between. I adore the colours of Laduree macaroons almost as much as their packaging.


Thursday, 16 October 2008

Marie Antoinette

Cavania is loving Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, the costumes are simply beautiful, lace, ribbons, silks, satin, taffeta.

Let them eat cake.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Wild Flowers

It's wild flower time in Western Australia and here is my lovely Brother in Law Geoffery with his two children. They went to see the flowers a few days ago in Coalseam near Miningew, how beautiful is Mother Nature.

We have recently added two more cards to our best selling range papillon Glitter. With pretty flowers and matching glitter feather butterflies, I do like painting flowers.

Friday, 10 October 2008

St Peters Church, Brixham

The postman delivered these great photos of our Church in Brixham, St Peter the Fisherman. It was deconsecrated as a church 31 years ago and half was turned not so sympathetically into 3 flats and our part was intended to be a craft center. However the owner fell ill and this never materialised. Christian and I found it up for sale back in April this year and after visiting we ended up purchasing quite possibly the biggest project we will every undertake. When Christian and I first meet some 9 years ago we went for a tour around Devon and stumbled upon Brixham. It was here that I decided that this was the man I would marry and it seemed fate when this Church came up for sale. My fathers name is also Peter and Brixham is a fishing town, Christian is a son of a Fisherman.
The Brixham museum has been searching for information and photos on the church in their archives and this parcel of interesting bits arrived today. The statue of St Peter was removed and now resides in the All Saints Church, Brixham but the windows and various other items were sold off by the church, apparently much was shipped to buyers in America. I now have the challenge of finding a sculptor who can make a replica of the statue St Peter so I can put him back to watch over the town again. If you know of such a company or person who makes replicas please do email me
Interior of St Peter's 1956. We are having a meeting with conservation shortly to go over our plans to turn this unloved building into a home. Fingers crossed, I do hope that they will be able to see that we want to save this building and retain its remaining features. If you look at posts from April and May you will be able to see photos of the interior as it sadly stands at the moment.

It's Friday, the day after......

Hello all, yes we are back and in one piece after a fabulous night at the Henries. We unfortunately did not scoop the trophy but a great night was certainly had by all.
A very nervous me at Marlybone Station grabbing a pastie on route to The Lancaster.

The view from the hotel window, I love the white London Town houses with their tall sash windows and high ceilings.
The invite for the evening and as you can see in the bottom left hand corner our range Words along side the other nominations in our category.
Christian and Sarah Glennie from GF Smith who are our paper suppliers.
Myself with Geoff Burows from GF Smith and Mary Kirkham.
The London Gospel Choir where a perfect compliment to the Heaven & Hell themed night.

The compare for the evening was Michael MacIntyre who was just brilliant, he had the whole room in fits of laughter throughout the award presentation. We danced till very early with so many friends in the industry, thank you GF Smith for inviting us to join your table, Christian and I had a fabulous night. xxx

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Busy Bee's

It has been a fun and busy week for Cavania. Christian went to visit our printers and watch our new mens range 'Relax' roll of the press.

Faye and I had never had a Starbucks coffee so last sunday we decided to change that. These were just the medium mugs...what milk mustache!

Today my new toy arrived, a light unit. So now we can take product shots and produce more images for the adverts and website a little more easily, hopefully, once we have mastered the instruction book.

A quick peak at the next collection of our jewellery, this will be ready for January 2009. Here are the manaquins that arrived yesterday and are waiting to be recovered to match our stand for the spring trade shows.

Tomorrow is the Henries night and the nerves are starting to build. I will try and take photos but wont be able to post them till Friday as we may be just a little fuzzy.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Spirit of Christmas 2008

We are currently getting ready for the Spirit of Christmas at Olympia in a couple of weeks. Making card stands and covering mannequins for displaying our jewellery. It is the only retail show we attend and it is a beautiful show and full of gorgeous things and foooood. Oh the food stalls selling fudge, chocolate, chutneys, olives and taste testers everywhere. Did I mention the Bailys!
Tickets for the show are on sale at the website - . We will have some show special offers and will also be selling some of our earlier greeting card ranges of at great prices'. Drop by and say Hi, it would be great to meet you all.