Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Raku Pottery Birds and Hearts

Our new range of hand made Raku Pottery birds and hearts are truly exclusive as no two will ever be the same. Created using a 450 year old ceramic process from Japan, the pieces undergo a complicated glazing process and are decorated using fire and smoke. This ensures that every piece created is not only enchanting but also completely unique.

I have been taking more styled photos today of some of the new Cavania gift lines, Raku Pottery birds and hearts, every time I get the task of doing photos I never know where to put them in my home or what on. But today seem a little less stressful as I adore this pottery and the pictures turned out lovely, well I am happy with the anyway. My wooden box, skip find, that I painted and distressed was just perfect and complimented the crackles. This crack technic is achieved by cooling the pottery in sawdust which scorches and this creates the unique colours the glaze. We have been working with one of the last working Raku ceramic studios in the world and already I have sketched the next little creatures that are just waiting to be created. I love the fact that no two are ever the same, simply stunning and unique.

If you would like to purchase a treasured keepsake for the future then click here.

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