Thursday, 4 February 2010

Spring Fair 2010

We have been busy making and painting props for the Spring Fair trade show which starts this weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday was spent building the walls and floor and things took a little longer then we wanted so back again on Thursday to hopefully finish all the painting and if I am lucky I might be able to dress the stand too!

The french doors and the wooden box were in my neighbors skip and when I saw them popping out of the top I just knew a perfect new life for them. So after removing the pitted glass in the french doors and the door furniture, a good sanding to remove the varnish and then they were ready for a coat of paint. This is a lovely handmade pine wooden box and in need of some TLC........

Some louver doors ready to be cut down to make a verandah style canopy on the front of the stand.
1pm on Wednesday 3/2/10
4pm 3/2/10

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