Saturday, 20 February 2010

My name is Karen and I am addicted to buttons!

Totally loving buttons, I have done since a child and one of my fondest memories is playing with my Nanny's button box. So many colours and shapes kept me entertained for hours.
I have a glass vase on my dresser side in the studio and in it are the buttons from my Nan's collection and mine.
It is so surprising how many buttons you can collect over the years.

Last month whilst on a trip visiting the warehouse in Oxford I called into a salvage yard called Lassco's. It is an Aladdin's cave of treasures and in a corner was a mountain of buttons, and when I say a mountain that is exactly what I mean. It turned out these buttons had come from a haberdashery suppliers that closed down some years ago on the Portobello Road, London. Also there were boxes and bundles of upholstery trims, well needless to say I was in heaven. After talking to Christian (more like pleading) and negotiating a price with Lassco I bought the lot, yes the LOT.
Finally last week the 4 pallet loads of buttons and trims were delivered and oh my goodness what a ball I am going to have playing with them all. Monday morning I shall wrap up warm and spend some time rummaging through and trying to think of things to make.

Suggestions please as to what can I make with them? by Steven Randazzo for Country Living
2. photo of some of my buttons
3.via Lola's Heart comma


A Melbourne Girl said...

Oh Karen, you are going to have an absolute BALL! playing with all of those beautiful goddies...well done!

PS...did you check out the white parasols?

Alexandra Mason said...

I would love 4 pallet loads of buttons! have a great Monday sorting through them x