Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Parasol Love

I have always loved oriental paper parasols I think I might treat myself to a pain white one and paint some butterflies on it.... now to find a plain white parasol.
Any ideas where I can get one?

1.Photos: Milla Jovovich by Carter Smith
2.Photo by Serge Guerand
3.Photo by Serge Guerand
4.Photo by Elizabeth Messina
5,Oil painting by Kami Blood
6.via tumblr


Fabulously french said...

I am not sure where to buy a plain white one but bought a fabulous asian style one at a vide grenier a few weeks ago.

It is now standing in the corner of my showroom until I decide what to do with it :-)

Leeann x

helle - said...

Why bother my friend? Take one of these gorgeous parasoles your showing in your post today and enjoy life on the couch instead. My favorite is the one from Kami Blood.

Greetings to your and your fabulous blog.

Karen Sanders said...

I have yet to make friends with the couch Helle, maybe one day I will learn to chill. Until then I have too many creative ideas and things to try.
Take care x

A Melbourne Girl said...

eBay Karen, eBay!
Try this

It's not paper but it is plain white!

Maybe a chance for you to source some and then decorate and sell them...butterflies would be great!
Good luck

Louise Elizabeth said...

These are pretty :)

Louise Elizabeth said...
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