Monday, 6 September 2010

Shabby Chic Furniture

More of the furniture I have been collecting has been finished and now in the Beach House, I have given it all a shabby chic finish for that vintage effect.
Using different shades of white, cream or grey's for the finish colour makes them all tone and sit together nicely. If I had used all the same colour cream it may have been a little bland for such a large room.

I treated myself to this vintage wooden bobbin at an antique market, it came from an old weaving loom somewhere in Australia. I need to find some of my crochet laces and ribbons to wind on it, they are some where in a box here, I still have not unpacked everything I brought. But now I have some furniture to put things on I will have to sort through the boxes.

Little hand painted hearts.... Faye, Christian and Karen. Family Love.

A lovely old basket I found at a charity garage sale last weekend, perfect for my waste paper bin. It reminds me of my Great Aunts as a child I am sure one of my Nan's sisters had something like this.


shabby chic furniture said...

This is looks pretty and i think it could be more pretty with different colours , Select colors for painting furniture shabby chic that are not so conventional and traditional. Use colors more pastel and light. Colors such as purple, light blue, pink, green, yellow gel well with the shabby chic look.

Cavania said...

thank you for the advice, I have started to paint in shades of greys now but I like the sound of light blue and pinks.....I will try new colours on my next project.
Karen x