Wednesday, 15 September 2010

From the beach house

Quick I have internet access ......... it's been down for 5 days again, driving me a little mad!!!!! So more photos from the beach house and of my vintage finds.

Meet dobbing my rocking horse he is a one off a kind and was made 19 years ago by a gentlemen named Bill from Shark Bay, but his nickname was Bull because he was such a big fello. Bull made this for his grandson and he was a skilled pattern maker. Hopefully he is going to bring us a little luck and be sitting in a nursery one day! Even if he doesn't make it to a nursery I just love him and he can sit right here for all to see.

Driftwood scattered around.

When I saw this scrumptious glass cake stand and dome cover, oh la la, it just had to be.
Hopefully the internet stays on long enough and I can make a post for tomorrow and show the last trade show stand that Christian packed up last night, at Top Drawer, Olympia, London. He gets back here on Friday night the poor love did 18 days straight, 2 shows back to back and 38.5 hr transit both ways between Geraldton,WA and London Heathrow. I think he will need a fews days off.

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Elecat said...

I ADORE the rocking horse. Beautiful. :)