Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Picnic on the Beach

Last weekend the weather was lovely here in Geraldton, WA, and we managed to spend the whole weekend on the beach, well 'Lucy's Beach' to be precise.

A charming hideaway just over the other side of town, it only took 15 minutes to get there and you would have thought you were on a private island all of your own. We had it to ourselves for the whole time, which is crazy as I am used to very crowed beaches back in the UK, if the weather is good the whole world and his wife turn up, but not here, it was idilic. Saturday we had a cream tea on the beach with scones, jam and hot tea it was perfect, even a table cloth was laid out, after all one does have standards.

Faye and her cousins played in the surf with their boards and the kayak.

4x4's were defiantly needed to get to Lucy's beach, first the dirt track and then it was sandy slopes to get to our little paradise strip.

To finish the day we just had to have a BBQ feast, and him upstairs put on the perfect sunset to end a perfect day.

Faye and I cant get enough of this country life and we certainly are settling in and getting used to this slower pace of things.

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Anonymous said...


wat a wunderful day.You make very lovly thinks!!!!

greatinks send you Conny