Monday, 20 September 2010

Avon Calling

'Bing Bong' Avon Calling...... these gorgeous soaps and perfume are from Avon and dated 1976, almost as old as me... give or take six years. I love the packaging and colours so they are on my dresser in the studio and the perfume smells still so sweet. My Nan used to get little bits like these when I was a child and my clothes drawers would always have a bar of scented soap in them for fragrance. Just smelling these soaps takes me back to being in her house, simply priceless.


Georgia said...

wow. They are old! The boxes are so much nicer than todays products.


Fabulously french said...

They are gorgeous, I love old soaps and have quite a collection myself.

Leeann x

helle - said...

Oh, I love these little soaps and perfumebottles as well - and the box, so sweet!

Hugs Helle