Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mirror mirror

Mirror mirror on the floor...........
oh my look at what treasure I have found, I saw this art deco inspired mirror in a secondhand store and instantly liked it. After contemplating for a few days and a lot of hints to Christian we finally went back and managed to get it for $100 with another picture frame. I cleaned it carefully with soapy water and the backing paper was torn so I was pulling out the loose papers to tidy it up and to my surprise the stuffing was an old newspaper. The mirror backing had been lined with the newspaper, Australian, and was dated was January 18th, 1916 so this gorgeous mirror is nearly 100 years old, it has worn patina on the mirror glass and chips on the gilt frame. I put the paper back and taped up the tears so as to keep its history intact.

'Dear mirror if only you could tell me where you have been hung and what you have seen. You are so grand you must have had pride of place in a beautiful home'

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