Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tulle Topiary

Totally loving tulle at the moment as I have been playing with yards of it, embroidered, colour, vintage, soft, scrunchy, with dots without. I've been making more corsages and new styles of scarves using this material. I do have to be incredibly careful as 'Tinky' my white cat has a bit of a fetish when it comes to tulle. She doesn't take any notice of anything else but if I leave any tulle laying around inevitably by the time I return it has been shredded!!!

'Tinky' even managed to get to a bridesmaid dress of Faye's once fortunately the event had already happened and I caught her before toooooo much damage occurred. So now my wedding dress which was a skirt made up of only tulle and separate lace bodice and faye's Bridesmaid dresses are in bags hanging up in my spare bedroom with the door permanently closed. If 'Tinky' ever gets to them past all that security I am definitely taking her for cat counseling or letting her launch her own fashion label!
If the above red dress is anything to go by I think 'Tinky' maybe onto something.

1.2.3 images from starshine
'Tinky' with slight pinky tones to her coat, when she was going through her Zandra Rhodes period.

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temesed said...

love the photos, where did u find them? :)