Sunday, 21 March 2010

Finishing Touches

Today I am sewing my new woven labels onto all my handmade goodies for the Country Living Fair, sneaky preview photos tomorrow. They finally arrived on Saturday and I love them, well worth the wait.
I have also had printed some swing tags which I am now threading cotton string on to. Packaging and finishing touches have always been a passion of mine.


Fabulously french said...

Love both the tags and the sewing tage - they are gorgeous.

Leeann x said...

Can I just comment on the shop Home Comforts of Bankfoot that you have featured on your homepage. This shop has closed down and the owners have disappeared owing myself and other suppliers money for items they received which they have taken with them to the Airdrie/Perth area. If anyone has details on the whereabouts of the McAmamney family please get intouch urgently.

temesed said...

cant wait for the pics :)

Karen Sanders said...

l.Sinclair - unfortunately I too have not been paid. Why do people think its acceptable to take delivery of goods and not pay, it is stealing!!!

Cavania is such a little company and everyone assumes we are big but is just a small team working hard together to survive, why else would I work 7 days a week? Fortunately 99% of our customers are good honest people like us and pay their bills.