Thursday, 1 April 2010

Time to Make an Easter Tree

The Easter bunny is warming up for his mammoth jumpathon, so time to make my Easter tree.
I bought these gorgeous frosted eggs in a local gift store they were great value at £1.75 for a box of 6.

Looking around my garage I found an unwanted tin bucket that needed a layer of paint, and so my Easter Tree started to materialise.

1. Firstly I sanded the surface down and wiped it clean to remove any dust.
2. Paint using a metal paint 'Hammerite' or something that is suitable for indoor metals such as radiators, and it took just one coat.
3. Cut fallen branches to the required height and paint with white emulsion paint.
4. Fill the base of the bucket with stones or gravel to weight it down and stop the whole thing toppling over.
5. Fill the remained of the bucket with plater of paris, leave 2-3cm gap at the top of the bucket for decoration.
6. Now for the fun part.... decorate it.

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McCarthy Designs said...

I love it Karen! I keep seeing everyone's gorgeous photos and their great ideas and I am bursting to get home and try some out! I think I will definately be painting some branches! xx