Monday, 22 March 2010

Handmade Corsages & Button Hearts

I have been very busy this weekend putting the finishing touches to all the corsages and vintage button hearts I have made for the retail Country Living Fair this week. I still have a few tickets left to give away so email if you want them.

As you may remember I was lucky enough to stumble upon a mountain of vintage buttons that came from an old haberdashery suppliers on the famous Portabelo Road, London which closed down. Well what do you do with thousands of buttons, make Vintage Button Hearts of course.

They are very limited edition and no two are the same, I will try and put some in my online shop after the show as well as the scrumptious corsages.

I will try and post this week and keep you up to date with the goings on at the show.

See you there xxx


helle - said...

What a pretty way to use the fine old buttons, they should be displayed and not put in some dark drawers.

temesed said...

wow, what an idea! absolutely impressed!

discount furniture outlet said...

You did well on putting this together. I did not expect this to find this today. This is a great story.