Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Need a new look for work

I need a new look for this Autumn and just loving this style, feminine and smart with very classy lines. Definitely a French influence going on here, now where is my credit card I feel a shopping spree coming on. Au revoir et salut. x

Images- 1/2/3 Stylist Jolyon Mason 2c
Image 4 is the gorgeous Sash Pivovarova for Elle photographer Mark Segal

Luisa Beccaria's Fall 08 collection full of the frilliest dress.
Audrey - Black wool silk capri pants and white halter trapeze top, clothing by Madina Vadache


thesydneygirl said...

such a pretty blog! :) x

iva yaneva said...

these are all fabulous! I love seeing smart, intelligent women dressed up in elegant, feminine clothes. it just looks so sophisticated and professional :)

Fabulously french said...

Gorgeous, I love the 2nd photo.

Leeann x

A Melbourne Girl said...

Love that black one with the cream blouse underneath...#3
...and the trapeze top with the capri pants.

Elise said...

What a beautiful post ! I love your blog, thank you so much for sharing it, & hello ! It's lovely to meet you

Kimberly said...

I love all of these and would actually wear all of these!!! Love them!!
xxx kim