Sunday, 6 September 2009

Autumn Fair 2009

Hi All I have just got back from the show and we had an extremely busy first day, thank you all so much for popping by. Here are just a few pics of the stand I will take more of the stand exterior on Wednesday when I am next back up there. I have left Cavania in the very capable hands of Christian and all the agents so I can get into the office. Having two shows back to back certainly adds some pressure, the stand finally came together and we added the last finishing touches just this morning. It was the most complicated stand we had ever built and took three days in total.

Happy Father's Day in Australia, we love you Dad xxx


Fabulously french said...

All that hard work paid off, the stand looks gorgeous.

Leeann x

Karen Sanders said...

Thank you Leeann, just heading of to the office now, must be on auto pilot as sooo shattered. x