Monday, 28 September 2009

Craft Project - Washing Powder Jars

The finished jars.
I have been looking for a couple of containers to hide the washing powders away in as they sit on top of my washing machine which is not behind a cupboard door. These blue enameled metal jars which I found in a homeware's store will be just perfect, once I have painted them cream to match the rest of my home.

First a coat of metal paint in white, Hamerite this I left for a day to dry before then spraying cream.

The washing jars next to a metal bucket I painted which keeps all the shoe polishes together.

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A Melbourne Girl said...

They look terrific. Well done. I bought a metal container (shop soiled) for my powder, much better than the packs of awful washing powder lying around.

I also got a small creamy metal box type container (with coffee written on the side) and put it in the cupboard under the sink for the dishwashing tablets. Also shop soiled.