Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dreaming of Swing Chairs

Well my world is a little topsy turvy at the moment as my home is filled with boxes!!! We are selling our house and will be sending everything in a sea container to Australia soon, to be honest I am a little scared....... but the thought of a swing chair to relax in of an evening is a warming one. So I have been collecting images of different styles of swing chairs and beds to put on my wish list.

2. Texan porch with antique swing chair, Country Living
3. Swing bed in Coastal Living via DreamHouse Blogspot
4. Spanish cedar porch swing bed
5. Chippendale swing bed
You can also see a great selection of swing chairs and ideas over at


Natasha said...

How exciting! I didn't know you were heading this way! The weather is gorgeous here at the moment-you are coming at the right time. Good luck with everything.

Take care and best wishes,

A Melbourne Girl said...

WOW Karen!!

That's a big move! But I'm so, so happy for you. I think you're going to need a swing chair (or 2) once you've finished all that packing up and then unpacking.

Glad you like my little "light balls" you're idea of butterflies is a wonderful one! I'm thinking of making a couple more but spray painting the baskets white and using lights with a white cord around them...should look OK I think. Just be aware though, the darn things gets real dusty and attrract spider webs if you leave them outside for a long time. Just like mine have lol.
Take care and happy moving

Cavania said...

oh thank you girls, Australia is calling and Christian is desperate to come home, he's been in London now for 11.5yrs.
I am excited and terrified all at the same time so collecting wish list images and day dreaming but crying at the same time!

Cherylmarie said...

Karen such wonderful news. You are some of life's "good people" an inspirational couple. We wish you much luck and hope that your move brings with it much love & happiness.
"God Speed"
Cherylmarie, Peter & Oliver xxx

Mary said...

How wonderful! When you are packing all those boxes just think how wonderful it will be to unpack all your treasures in your new home. I found this quote - "The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears." - I hope it will help next time you feel a little sad. Best of luck for everything to come.

Anna Whitford said...

Hi Karen,

Oooo you really are moving now the boxes are packed!

Will you be traveling back and forth for the trade shows? I will no doubt follow suit one day too. Troy just wont rest until he's back home!!

All the best with the move. I'm so excited for you!x

Anna (Rosanna Rossi)

Cavania said...

Yes Anna I know, I cant believe it too. An Aussie always wants to go home at some point! We will be back for trade shows so see you at the next one, Harrogate :) lets catch up for a vino and chat x

Anna Whitford said...

Yes def a vino at Harrogate. I can imagine it's hard to hold back the tears, but think of the amazing memories you'll have in sunny Australia. Change is a good thing. Now for the unpacking. eek! :-)
Take care.x

Brett Rodgers said...

Thanks for this lovely site! I love swing chairs and I think that they are the best patio accessories you can get. My grandma and grandpa had them on their porch and we loved to swing on them as kids it was just the best thing ever.