Thursday, 17 June 2010

Inspirational Stores & Display Ideas

Store - Sabon
Location - Soho, New York
Products - Bath & Body
Display - Vintage furniture, basketware and potted plants.

More from our USA trip......

We spent our first day walking around Fifth Ave and Rockerfella Center with Faye showing her the sites and exploring. I have wanted to take Faye to the American Girl store since my first visit back in 2003. Back then I just had to get Faye a doll she was only 8 and for many years they spent hours playing together, so I was delighted to find American Girl had all the year dolls lined up, a perfect photo opportunity.

Real lemonade at the Rockerfellas, it was so hot we needed these ice cold drinks.

A trip to one of the Magnolia Bakery stores, of course we just had to try the 'Carrie Cupcakes'

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Tove's to og firbeinte said...

I just looooove the soap shop.....everything is so lovely dispalyed and the old cabinets gave the shop such a cosy atmosphere!!!!! Carrie cupcakes...of course :))))
That´s funny :)
I hope you enjoyed your stay...but then again,of course you did!!!!!!! :))