Friday, 18 June 2010

Building Project - The Garage

Never a dull moment in this house as there is always something on the go some where.... we have decided a new garage is needed as the old one has been on this site for over 20 years and is past it's best. Despite my mini makeover and coats of paint it was time to say goodbye. Christian is building a wooden slated garage to match the little shed at the bottom of our garden which we built last year. I think it might have been something to do with all those gorgeous wooden houses we saw in the USA on our travels that spur this new project on.

A photo of the little concrete garage that really was to small to work in let alone try and put Sukai in out of the rain.

Last night the roof came off and in the skip and the end of today saw little Sukai looking at her new home to be.

I just managed to get the furniture finished in time to go into storage whilst the new garage is being built.

I often used the old garage as a work room for painting furniture and making things in, the new one will be much bigger and easier to move around in. It was impossible to get Sukai in the old garage which was more like the size of a shed as you can see, I am now thinking about the finishing touches..... should I wallpaper this inside of the garage tooooo :)
Have a lovely weekend, I think you know what I'm doing.

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iva yaneva said...

Oh wow! I love the furniture! Especially the bookcase :) I would die for something like this :)