Tuesday, 8 June 2010

HiHoHiHo it's back to work I go

Back at work again and full of energy, our trip to the USA was fab and I can't wait to find a spare hour to go through all the photos and video we took. There are so many things I want to show you and places you must see, but for today I have been putting on the finishing touches and hanging swing tags on our new crochet doilie bunting, this is limited edition so hurry as only a few were made in our first batch.

The bunting is so cute you cant help but want to hang it up around the house and throw an afternoon cupcake tea party for all your girlfriends to come round and gossip under it. Now there's an tea party just waiting to happen, wheres my polkadot cup cases?

CLICK HERE to purchase the doilie bunting, or click on our stockist finder to find a store near you.

Photos taken at the bottom of my garden when I did the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. Just when I thought my little shed couldn't get any cuter.


McCarthy Designs said...

The bunting is so sweet and it looks fabulous on your little garden cottage! Glad you had a good time away! xx

Nicky said...

Gorgeous! I now have shed envy! x

A Melbourne Girl said...

Karen I was wondering how your shed was coming along...and nnow I see it and it looks absolutely wonderful! What a great place!
The bunting and all the extra's super super cute! Well done.


Yaya Chique said...

Hi sweetie!
What an adorable idea with the bunting! I have never seen this and looks like you had quite a bit of work on your hands to prepare them all. Have a beautiful and creative week! xo...deb