Monday, 25 January 2010

Sewing Time

I want to do some sewing but first things first I needed to organise my sewing cottons into colours, this should make it a little easier to pick the shade I want. It did take me a while winding all the loose cottons back onto the bobbins and trying to undo the knots, with help from a pair of scissors.
A little while back whilst visiting my 97 year Grandad (who is soon to be 98) he gave me all my Nanny's old sewing cottons, so now they are all neat and tidy and ready for action.

I do love all the different shades of colours in their trays. To keep them organised and visible I used old Ferrero Rocher chocolate box trays. These boxes have clear perspex lids that will keep them from falling out and getting in a mess again.
There are some really old cottons in amongst them that are on wooden bobbins with vintage labels too.

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