Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Keeping Warm

This was the start of today and my view for the morning whilst painting furniture for Top Drawer.
What a day it has been here in the UK, It seems that the majority of the UK has woken to another blanket of snow. I have been snuggled up in my studio making more props for the Spring Fair in February. Faye was off school today and the office was opened, Gemma braved the weather and came to work on the bus. James did the trek but left half day as it took him 3hrs to do the 20 minute return journey when the last snow came before Christmas last year! I hope you are all safe and having a little fun in the snow. If there is no school again tomorrow Faye and I are going to make a 'Snow Bunny'

This was taken just before the light went on the day, my little shed looks so cute under it's blanket of snow.

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