Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Pink Camper Van

Day 2 - Retro Love
I have always wanted a pink VW Camper Van to jollying around the country side in. If I ever get to have another baby I will purchase one and even if it doesn't work I would love to paint and decorate it as a play den. Don't worry if I get to have a little boy I will paint it blue or maybe pale green or how about dove grey, decisions..... decisions. It would be parked in a lovely spot and be filled with squashy cushions and of course a tea set.
Flickr user Foshie
Flickr user Foshie
Photo at
Whilst day dreaming of play den Camper Vans I found the most beautiful paper art below.
Paper Illustration of a Romany Caravan by the incredibly talented Helen Musselwhite


A Melbourne Girl said...

Karen, the very first car I ever drove was a Kombi Van. Mind you I didn't drive it very well and my boyfriend at the time was a little adventerous taking me for a lesson in his old one...I loved Vee-Dubs so much my first car was an old beetle...But now I want to go back and get a kombi. They are sensational. Dove Grey. Oh yeah!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I once had a VW camper van. Bought when it was new! But it was not pink, it was red and we loved it. I drove it until it just simply broke down and then traded it in on a "better" newer car. But I'd love to have it now! Love your post!

Erika said...

I would love to own one of these beauties...My boyfriend and I have been daydreaming about traveling around Europe with such a sweet van. Little bit hippie, but in a healthy way ;) They are amazing! Such a sweet post :)