Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sweet as..... Grandmother's

I seem to have been very busy lately , more than usual that is. Meetings here and there and so many appointments, time is flying by and I am trying to get all my artwork ready for the January launches. I am off on a road trip to see some suppliers about some exciting new gift lines next week but I will keep you in the loop about that another day.

English Rose my latest greeting card collection has been a bit of a smash since it's launch in September. It has now been licensed and will be featuring on many gift lines such as a recipe book, shopping list, memo pad, note books and ceramics. I am the most excited to see the cookie jar and mugs. Talking of mugs is it time for tea and biscuits?

I wonder what the mugs are going to look like, this was one suggestion, as soon as I see them I will take some photos.
At the top of this post is a photo of my maternal grandparents on their wedding day, Marjorie and Frank Hawtin. Not to sure which year it was maybe 1940/41. The embroidered flowers that feature in all the English Rose greeting cards were actually stitched by my Grandmother. I recently found a sheet that she had embroidered just after she was married to my grandfather, it was tucked in a draw in what was her sewing room. It wouldn't have seen the light since 1992 which is when she left us, so what better then to scan it and make it part of the collection.

and my favorite, Coconut Ice, my Grandmother would make this for me and I so loved it. We spent hours together either baking or sewing, she was defiantly a major source of inspiration in my life. I love you Nan and miss you xxx
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st├ęphanie said...

Oh absolutely lovelovelove these designs: I will try to pop in on your stand at the spirit of xmas and buy some(I am not exhibitng just visiting) just the day before I set up for Country living fair.