Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Spirit of Christmas 2008

We are currently getting ready for the Spirit of Christmas at Olympia in a couple of weeks. Making card stands and covering mannequins for displaying our jewellery. It is the only retail show we attend and it is a beautiful show and full of gorgeous things and foooood. Oh the food stalls selling fudge, chocolate, chutneys, olives and taste testers everywhere. Did I mention the Bailys!
Tickets for the show are on sale at the website - . We will have some show special offers and will also be selling some of our earlier greeting card ranges of at great prices'. Drop by and say Hi, it would be great to meet you all.

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st├ęphanie said...

Hello, good luck for the fair, your cards are gorgeous, I am not doing it this year, I will be doing only the Country Living one (was better for me than the Spirit), If you want to visit it I have some free ticket for the gala night on wenesday the 12th.
Kind regards, St├ęphanie