Friday, 24 October 2008

Hong Kong

We are in China meeting with manufacturers and visiting trade shows, three in three days. We have found some amazing artisans and are now in talks designing some fabulous gifts for Cavania. These craftsman have been working in their fields for many years and come from regions that are famous for their specialties. The one thing that I am passionate about is that Cavania will only work with companies that are compliant to human and green issues. I will keep you up dated with the progress of these exciting new lines.Christian tucking into a giant pot noodle. Fortunately for us when it was lunch time the make shift McDonalds which was a table and bags of food that were simply heated up in a microwave had all run out, so we had pot noodles instead.
Very sore feet.
A trade show in Shanghai which is two and a half hour flight north of Hong Kong and this was like no other trade show I have ever visited. I was completely taken back with the volume of people from all over the world. This picture was taken from inside the entrance hall and outside was a sea of faces, the giant show was buzzing in every hall.
A shot of one side of the halls lined up and stretching a distance, the exhibition center was laid out in a V shape with two lines of huge halls.
We arrived back in HK very late last night after spending two days in Shanghai but whilst we were there we did visit a restaurant in a revolving tower on the 46th floor of the Jing Jang Sofitel Hotel. It took 3hrs to do a complete rotation, the air was not clear this time of year and the pollution levels are a little high, so visibility was not great. Hong Kong itself is so clear and warm, it's great to see the sun again.

We have two more shows to visit next week taking the grand total to five shows and I don't know how many miles of walking, before our journey home. But there is one great bit of traveling I do really like here in HK;this is the Star Ferry that takes us over to Hong Kong island from our hotel on the Kowloon side. Even the metal seats are punched with star shapes and the staff all wear sailor suits, beats the cars and traffic of London any day.

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st├ęphanie said...

Wow, I really envy you! Hope you have a nice trip!