Friday, 28 March 2008

Cake and Gossip

It's Friday!! It always throws me out when we have a Bank Holiday Monday, this week has whizzed by so fast,12 New cards printed on Wednesday plus card and wrap reprints. And to end a very productive week another set of 12 new designs finished to disk today and a new wrapping paper to match the 'Simple Divine' all going in the post to the printers for proofing next week. We have been very busy little 'Vegemites' here at Cavania and into an equally exciting weekend which I will tell you all about on Monday. What do you think to this designs? It's a little different from the normal Cavania. Any ideas for a range name? Please leave your ideas below in the comment box.


charliemotel said...

oooh ok i will have a go at some name suggestions...

("shoes, cake and gossip." is a good name in its own right!)

"What a girl wants"

"spoil me!"

hmmm...will let you know if i come up with anything better!

Anonymous said...

Guilty pleasures

Love Sun x