Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Forest's Garden Centre

This photo of a fabulous Cavania display was sent by Forests Garden Centre is was patiently put together by Lyndsey, a very creative lady. If you wish to visit Forests you will find them at,
Oddford Lane, Two Dales, Nr. Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 2EX.

If you too are one of our stockists do please send us a photo of your eye catching Cavania display, we would love to feature them.


Bill Snail Designs said...

It must be so exciting to see all your work displayed like this, it looks wonderful! It is so nice to see the personal side of a successful card company -it really makes the dream seem possible, when you see others living it. Thanks for being an inspiration. I hope the Trade Fair went really well, it was very interesting seeing the posts about the stand setup. Great blog! :)

Cavania said...

Thanks Bill Snail Designs, your the first comment outside my family to be left. I greatly appreciate it, yes every day I thank my lucky stars and still cant believe I am living my dream- a greeting card company. I will keep an eye out for when your blog gets going and who knows we could be neighbours at a trade show one day. Good Luck. x