Thursday, 10 January 2008

Building the Stand

Today the construction of the new stand started and what a day the boys had, Christian, James and his younger brother Steven spent a long day at Earls Court. There was no power to our section of the show so the power tools would'nt work and after two hours of waiting for the organisers to sell us clips for hanging the walls, eventually the stand started to take shape. Due to all the delays we are behind schedule and tomorrow Christian, James and myself are laying the wooden floor and painting the walls and then dressing the stand, hopefully. I have always wanted to do a time delay camera on the construction and break down of a trade show. It starts as a giant empty room and within three days an amazing transformation into hundreds of fabulous designer stands. .Here are a few photos of the day, Christian has taken all the photos so in them are James and Steven(in the blue stripes).

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