Saturday, 4 June 2011

Wood Paneling

I have been trying to get my mood boards and inspiration pages organised and ready for us to spring into action the moment we get the keys to our little home. We met with a local builder on Friday whom did a building inspection whist Christian and I measured a few walls up and tried to workout which windows and doors that should be moved or just removed. I want to fill the house with light and space and paint everything shades of white with wood floors for easy living.

image 1.

But we did wonder just how difficult would it be to take down the plaster ceiling and put a wooden paneled ceiling...a white panel ceiling. Well we know we could rip the ceiling down demolition is the easy bit! We have to put all new insulation up as there is none but its the working out of the angles with the panelling that could be the challenge. Just how difficult could it be to cut some wood and nail it up!!!! hahaha did I mention its 'just' me and Christian doing it.

image 2.

image 3.

You must go and look at the Lake House by Murdock Young it's just gob smacking great. TL,BR image 2.
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A Melbourne Girl said...

Karen...the plans sound absolutely fantastic...but, not knowing your level of expertise with power tools etc...I'd get a couple of builders in to give you a quote on doing the job, just to give you an idea on how to go about it. You never know you might find a fantastic and reliable tradie that can help with ongoing work as well... MONT is a tradie and I'm not even sure he'd tackle it alone.
BUT hey, if you think you can do it, then why not give it a go.
What have you got to lose?

Cavania said...

....What could go wrong!!! :) Christian and I will give it a go and back up will be a tradie thats for sure.
Should make for an entertaining blog update anyway. x