Thursday, 17 March 2011

And We're Off

The house was packed into a 40ft sea container yesterday and we slept on blow up beds last night, back is a little stiff today but unsure if it was from lifting boxes! Today is strange the house is echoey and big oh so big with no furniture in it, I wonder if I put everything back in it would I have more room now????? We have spent the last fortnight sorting and condensing so much went to the charity shops and out for recycling, I am sure I would have a whole empty room's worth gone. I highly recommend a good clear out ... say every 5 years, just pretend your moving and tidy up!

Now to fill all the picture holes on the walls and do some touch up paint and of course a good scrub all over, no one can say I don't leave a house spotless. The teapot, cups and a vintage glass cake stand are still in the cupboards as these will be the last things to wrap and pop in a box to go into storage. Tea and cake at my house today for all so do pop by and say hello before we get on a plane tonight and head for Australia.

Lots of tears, heart ache and apprehension whizzing around my little 'brainical'... must put the laptop down and get up out of this blowup bed and face my day.

Bye England for now and thank you house for being a wonderful home and all the memories you have given me.
A very very teary Karen xxxxx


A Melbourne Girl said...

Oh's such a darn big move, but good on you for taking the masive leap. A few tears are necessary and totally understandable.

Have a safe flight and I know you'll have a wonderful time unpacking everything when it arrives in WA.

Cherylmarie said...

...and now it's all so very real. I look forward to reading about your adventures down under. I'm sure your journey ahead is full of happiness, love & new friendships.
I also cant wait to see how this move influences your designs.
Good Luck to you all xxx