Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Up Up and Away

Today I am starting my long journey back to the UK to attend the two Christmas show, I think I may have told you about those before?
have a four hour car trip down to the city and then hang around the airport to wait for my midnight flight, 7 hours before a couple of hours stop over in Hong Kong, the next leg of my journey 13 hours to London. Fortunately my home and cats are just 30 minutes away from Heathrow so I can collapse into bed with my two cats and sleep. I have missed them so much and James has been there everyday looking after them or should I say spoiling them.

I will try and post again in a few days and show you the stand set up, it's a huge space we have in the centre of the Spirit of Christmas show which I am excited and nervous about all at the same time. I have had bespoke shop furniture made and will be setting the stand up as if it was a boutique store. The dressers, tables and bespoke wooden card racks will be available for stores to order shortly, all white and shabby chic.
Cavania shop fittings what ever next I must be mad!
See you in London xxx


temesed said...

I have been following your blog quite a while (just read your last couple of month as because of my recent wedding I didn't have much time spent on internet)...
and wondering, why did you choose to move to Australia for 5 months??
loving the idea, and the home making goes really really well (both Uk and over the "rainbows")....but deciding to move so far away, even if permanently, interested what inspired you :)

Cavania said...

Dear Temesed
My husband is Aussie and we have always enjoyed our short visits there over the past 11 years. I have worked literally 7 days a week for the last 7.5 years since I started Cavania. We decided that we needed to reevaluate our lives and in Australia you don't need to be a millionaire as the beach is free. We don't work weekends and spend time together as a family having fun in the sun. During the week we have to work very long hours because of the time difference but the weekends are ours. I love Cavania and will always be passionate about the business and I feel that this new adventure has been so refreshing for me and my artwork has improved vastly.
Life is too short to look back and say 'what if'

temesed said...

thank you for your answer and the beautiful pictures you show us here about your life in Australia...I really like the idea and it is so great that you could do that...what an adventure! :)