Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Today I want to be here

I have a bit of an adventure coming up...... I am off to Australia for 5 months, although I will be returning for 15 days in November to exhibit at 'Spirit of Christmas' and the 'Christmas Country Living' fairs. We have rented a house on the beach in Gerraldton, Western Australia from a friend of my Sister in Law Wendy and I will be looking for old second hand furniture and making a home on a budget. So lots of posts with the theme of Make do and Mend! I will be working every day, well nearly every day, designing and painting so I wonder if my work will be influenced by the ocean?

I want to be standing on the sand and feeling the warm wind on my face.

I want to be setting the table for lunch and sit for the rest of the day talking with friends and watching the sun set on a perfect day.
images, Lucyina


Fabulously french said...

Sounds exciting, lucky you!

Leeann x

McCarthy Designs said...

What an adventure for you Karen, I hope you have a great trip and enjoy your stay down under. xx

Cherylmarie said...

How Fantastic - hope you have a wonderful time. Such a great opportunity from a design point of view, hopefully the new surroundings will influence a whole new range. x