Thursday, 5 August 2010

Card Couture

Back in April I was asked to share my thoughts on the link between greeting cards and couture for the magazine 'Progressive Greetings'. I had to answer some questions and submit a photo of my favorite fashion item which is my hand beaded Noa Noa silk velvet coat.

I found this stunning coat about four years ago now hidden in the corner of a Noa Noa store and it was the last one left and a lot less then half price. I loved the colour and sparkles instantly and just knew I had to own it. I had a great excuse to purchase it as the following week I had treated Faye to tickets for red carpet opening night of The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe which was a royal premier at the Royal Albert Hall.

Also in the same magazine we were nominated for Card sweep stake..............!

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kat said...

Hi K
Noa Noa do some beautiful pieces don't they. Their lookbook's are so inspiring too.
This coat looks stunning and what a great idea for a magazine feature too.
I've been catching up on your posts. Love some of the interior shots will have to put them into my boards at (fab new inspiration collecting site I'm loving using)
I just posted up about my cavania quilt (I emailed you when I got it as love it so much!)
here's the link case you want to see it on my bed!

with love Kat