Sunday, 9 August 2009

My 39th Year

Saturday was the start of my 39th year and this is going to be a mad year, I have decided. I am known as a workaholic and now I will try and juggle more play into the schedule for the next year. I set some personal goals a few years ago to reach by the time I am 40 and so far many of them have come to fruition. Only two more to go.... my country dream home dressed from top to bottom in shades of white and cream, and a baby? Just got 364 days left :)

We have a very special bunch of friends and three of the boys are all 40 this year so a joint birthday bash was decided upon back in the spring they just so happened to pick 8th August which was also my birthday. It was all hands to the decks and time to get organised. Happy Birthday Jem, Jimbo and Gavin love you all heaps. No photo of the three of them as my camera setting was on micro and nearly everything of the night is blurry, thats the camera not me.

Preparations for the big party night, a test run with the tarpaulins last week as you can never rely on the British weather.
Friday was spent getting the bar, bouncy castle, the lights and sound system ready, a pic of the stage for the bands starting to take place.

Just one of stencils that I cut to decorate the tarpaulins

The first band ....U3.

Faye my daughter and best friend we partied and laughed all night together, the camera battery died so we didn't get any photos of the two of us on the bouncy castle which was hilarious, I think I got whiplash.

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Dustjacket Attic said...

Sounds like a blast, cute pic!